There is a great deal of evidence that supports the idea that educating and developing women leads to a rising tide for all of society.  While business opportunities are abundant, entrepreneurial opportunities that support women through coaching, leadership development and financial/business education are hard to find.  Women seek flexible work opportunities that will allow them to be there for their children and aging parents, while still earning an income that can support their families.  They often accept lower paying jobs or jobs without benefits in order to have some flexibility while raising their children.  The earnings gap exists as a result of women stepping out of the workforce in order to care for their families and many women struggle to re-enter the workforce at a level that makes financial sense.

Our primary research indicates a need for business opportunities for women that offer flexible working hours, high income potential and the ability to learn the tenets of business ownership at a price point that is low-cost.  There is no shortage of talent in the workforce and the desire to be successful at an entrepreneurial venture is there.  Barriers to entry such as financial means, time to research opportunities, lack of support from friends and family and lack of confidence are factors in women choosing to not pursue independent business ownership.


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