UNBLEMISH Success Story: Kyle Luttrel

Rodan and Fields UNBLEMISH Regimen


Here are the pictures of my 15-year-old son, Kyle, who had extremely bad cystic acne on his chin and around his mouth. I started him on the UNBLEMISH Regimen and within the first month we noticed improvement and he liked the way it made his skin feel. “The improvements during the next two months were substantial! Breaking the cycle of acne rather than treating each individual breakout created a healthy complexion for my son. He said he could smile again without it hurting … In my son’s own words: ‘It hurt at the corners of my mouth and on my chin where I had the most breakouts. My skin also felt tight and dry. But now my skin feels much more smooth and clean. It takes about five minutes or less to do the whole routine.’ He’s hooked and I’m so thankful for Rodan + Fields.”



Level V Executive Consultant from Mobile, Alabama

CathyKathy Chavers Asked for Something Different—and She Got It!

Level V Executive Consultant Kathy Chavers from Mobile, Alabama knows how to run a race—a frequent marathon and half-marathon competitor, she understands what it means to keep a steady pace and her mind focused on her goal. So perhaps it is not surprising she would reach Level V in less than three months. However, she would tell you divine intervention may have played a role in getting her involved in the first place.

Kathy was already using Rodan + Fields® products and impressed with the results when a series of events convinced her that the opportunity might be equally as impressive. It started on a beautiful Sunday morning as she and her husband were outside reading the paper—Ashley McCormick, her friend and Sponsor, called on her way home from the convention in New Orleans to say she wanted to talk to Kathy about the business. At that moment, Kathy was reading an article about direct sales and Rodan + Fields was one of the companies featured. Kathy agreed to meet with Ashley and her up line Consultant, Iz Head, to discuss it.

The following day Kathy had lunch with some friends, explained her upcoming meeting, and asked them what they thought. When one of her friends commented about the success she knew Ashley and Iz were having, Kathy felt she had truly been steered toward Rodan + Fields. “I’m the mother of a six-year-old boy and the demands of my job really took away from the things I needed to do with him,” she says. “My stress level was huge. I’d been praying for something different to do.”

I Can Do This Big

Kathy thought about the business for four weeks, intending to continue her successful broadcast sales job for the local CBS affiliate. Every morning she woke up thinking about Rodan + Fields, and finally said to her husband, “I can do this. I think I can do this big.”

Once she started sharing the products and opportunity with her friends, she realized it was a natural ft for her. Even though she built a successful career in sales, she never feels as if she is selling.  That’s because her story comes from the heart and she totally believes in the products, a belief system that quickly proved her comment, “I think I can do this big,” very true.  In January she quit her full-time job at the TV station to focus all of her efforts on Rodan + Fields.  She said her friends felt if she was willing to give up a six- figure income, this must be worth considering.  “I just invited them, and said ‘I’m going for a ride and I want to take you all with me,’” says Kathy.

The 90 Day Plan and the Goal Board were very helpful to Kathy in building her business so quickly, and she feels “staying true” to the guidelines is critical. She makes a point to dig deep to help each of her team members set their goals, and stays in touch with them to remind them of those goals and how they can reach them.

“If you’re thinking about doing it, then absolutely don’t think any longer,” she says to anyone considering becoming a Consultant. “I waited four weeks too long!”

UNBLEMISH Success Story: Luke Siegmann

Rodan + Fields UNBLEMISH Regimen


“As you can see, I had a problem with acne mainly on my cheeks, chin and forehead. I play soccer, so I’m always sweating, which made my acne worse. At first, I didn’t follow the UNBLEMISH Regimen on a daily basis and didn’t use all products like I should. Finally, my mom helped me remember for about a week and a half until it became a ‘good’ habit. After two months, I have clear skin 98% of the time and think that a lot of teens (and adults, too) would benefit by using UNBLEMISH.”

ANTI-AGE Success Story: Donna Tisdale

Rodan + Fields ANTI-AGE Regimen


“I love the Rodan + Fields ANTI-AGE Regimen and AMP MD™ Maximum Delivery System! Nothing has ever changed my skin like this product, it is absolutely amazing!  The bags under my eyes are disappearing. Really! “Thank you, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields for this amazing tool!!!”

SOOTHE Success Story: Joe Romagna

Rodan + Fields® SOOTHE Regimen


“I have had sensitive skin since childhood. I sunburn easily and get dry, flaky skin from time to time – especially when I sweat. Typically, my skin looks worse on my forehead, which makes me feel very self-conscious.”
“My wife suggested I use the Rodan + Fields® SOOTHE Regimen. I tried it, not thinking much of it. However, after only two days (four applications), I was blown away! I was amazed and feel much less embarrassed by my skin now.”

SOOTHE Success Story: Lucas Brown Brock

Rodan and Fields SOOTHE Regimen


“My sweet, 16-month-old baby’s face looked red since he was 3 months old. I started using the SOOTHE Regimen on his face this summer, and within a few days his skin looked so much better. At two weeks the redness appeared to be gone and his face felt smooth and soft like it should be on a baby. His complexion finally matches his sweet, loving personality.”

Hunt skincare products No More! Keep that beauty everyone is looking for!

Do you find yourself on the hunt for the perfect skincare routine? Here now comes the answer to your dilemma. This blog will definitely lead you to the right path. Well, we, ladies and gents must be aware that even our skin has its daily dermatological necessities.

Certain components of skincare are universal – moisturizing dry legs, relieving dry lips and protecting the body from harmful UV rays. However, unconsciously, we are actually picking the skin care products that do more harm than good. At Rodan and Fields, we are dedicated to improving your skin. We make sure that what you put on your skin will determine how your skin looks, feels and reacts to its environment. R+F has a mission which helps everyone achieve the best healthy-acting skin from head to toe.

Now Rodan and Fields gladly introduce to you, the new skincare: R+F ESSENTIALS


This goes beyond moisturization to provide protective skincare for your lips. When you use it daily, you will achieve a soft, smooth and healthy-looking lips.


This is the non-sticky, non-whitening, water resistant protection against aging UVA and burning UVB rays. This is the product that is perfect for the whole family!

3. ESSENTIALS Daily Body Lotion

This lotion relieves dry, flaky skin. RF-Dcell technology helps skin retain moisture and remain comfortable when challenged by climate and other environmental aggressors.

4. ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tanner

This product got featured in Lucky magazine. It provides even, natural-looking color. RF-Dcell technology extends the duration of your sunless tan.

Below is a video of the ESSENTIALS webinar. Watch it and learn a lot more and keep that beauty everyone is looking for!